Our mission

Reinventing the soft drink industry. One sip at a time.


The story behind Dripl

Dripl was founded by founders Lucas Moreau and Colin Deblonde in 2019 with the goal of turning the soft drink industry completely upside down. Through a 300+ Dripl vending machines at companies such as Puma, Kaemingk, A.S. Adventure, HubSpot, SAP, JBC and Showpad, millions of packages have already been avoided today. Dripl can currently be found at various locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, but its ambitions are big: by 2030 it wants to have avoided no less than 1 billion disposable packages in the whole of Europe.

group photo

We go for direct impact

At Dripl, we dream of a planet without disposable packaging. To make that a reality, we put together a passionate team of problem solvers.

We aim high

We don't compromise when it comes to recruiting or developing our skills during our course. We create a place where everyone is vulnerable and dares to open up, where we reinforce each other with feedback.

We give ownership

At Dripl, you have full ownership of your responsibilities. You get that because we believe it enhances and improves your work and your mental well-being.

We have your best interests at heart

A startup and a healthy work-life balance don't mix? Wrong - at Dripl, they do. We choose flexibility, the right to deconnect and generous compensation.

Our team

Meet our Refillution Rangers.

We improve our business by helping you grow. Think mentoring, training, growth plans and constructive feedback.
We offer a competitive salary package, great benefits and interesting stock package.
You literally become an owner. You get Dripl shares and thus truly become part of the mission.
We not only go bowling (that too, of course) but regularly plan (ski) trips, workations and festive brunches.
A fantastic view of the Brussels skyline, bi-weekly yoga sessions and 4 kinds of plant-based milk for your iced cappuccino or matcha latte.

Is your dream role not listed, but is the fire of Refillution burning inside you?

We are always looking for fresh blood to join us in the fight against disposable packaging. Are you up to the challenge? Go for it.