Save on sugar, not flavour

Dripl bottle flavoured cranberry

100% sugar free

Dripl drinks also no longer contain an ounce of sugar. Bye bye, guilt!

With natural ingredients

Our ingredients are based on real fruits and herbs.


Flavoured water or full-on Dripl drink? All of our concentrates are low-calorie. We drink to that!


A more sustainable office for a more sustainable world

Salvage plastic bottles

Disposable was cool ... in the twentieth century.

Dripl customers save an average of 10,000 packages a year. Or how your business can directly help make plastic waste a head shorter.

Less CO2

To make one Dripl drink, an average of 65% less CO2 is emitted than for a classic soft drink. Eat this, soft drink industry.

*Source: The Beverage Industry Environment Roundtable

Up to 4x more energy efficient

Energy bills can also go down, as a Dripl appliance is on average 4 times more economical compared to a traditional drink dispenser.

The healthier alternative

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Soft Drink
Dripl drink
Sugar (average)
30 grams
0 grams
Artificial flavouring
With natural ingredients
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Artificial Additives
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Artificial Additives
Average price per drink
From €0.70

Disposable in the ending story?

Did you know that more than half of employees want a more sustainable office? Download our study and find out how you can do your part.


of employees under 35 want a more sustainable office


says too many disposable containers are offered in the office


feel their employer is not doing enough to reduce waste in the office

*IVOX x Dripl - Disposable in office, September 2023


Offering drinks has never been easier

Bye, bye, stockpiling!

Up to 200 drinks in 1 modest flavour box? That means...huge space savings.

800 fresh drinks in minutes

Refilling an empty Refill Point? It only takes a few minutes.

Mountain of plastic bottles

Say goodbye to those PMD bags

Overflowing PMD bags will become permanent history.

Happy colleagues are priceless

The final price per drink depends on the consumption in your organization. The more you tap, the cheaper the price per drink.

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Fixed cost

Rental Refill Point

Technical services

Variable cost

From 0.49 euros per drink

CO2 bottles for effervescence


Reusable Dripl bottles

Activation package

More than 30,000 employees drink Dripl every week


Any questions?

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Why is a sustainable office so important?

Office sustainability is essential for reducing carbon footprint and promoting environmental awareness. By implementing energy efficiency measures, such as use of renewable energy sources and recycling programs, offices contribute to a greener future. In addition, sustainability improves corporate reputation, reduces operational costs and promotes employee health and productivity. A sustainable office is not only good for the environment, but also for the company and the people who work there.

How do I make my office more sustainable?

Installing a Dripl dispenser is an excellent step to make your office more sustainable; it reduces plastic waste by promoting reusable cups and bottles. In addition, consider using energy-efficient LED lighting and installing smart thermostats to optimize energy use. Finally, encourage recycling and the use of recycled materials in office supplies to further reduce the carbon footprint.

How many companies already chose Dripl?

More than 300 companies have already chosen a Dripl Refill Point in the office, indicating a growing awareness and commitment to sustainability in the business world. These companies vary in size and sector, demonstrating that the Dripl vending machine is a versatile solution for different work environments. This trend highlights how organizations are increasingly prioritizing eco-friendly initiatives and reducing their carbon footprint.

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