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How it works

Your favorite drink, straight from the tap

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Choose your flavour and intensity

Choose still or sparkling

Choose sparkling or still water


Choose your flavour and intensity


Choose sparkling or still water


Tap your drink!

Drink More. Waste Less.

the Refill Point

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Less energy, less waste and less useless traffic. In other words: greener than green.

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The healthier choice

No added sugars, low in calories and based on natural ingredients. Refreshment as it should be.

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Easy to refill

Up to 200 drinks in 1 single package? That's refilling drinks in no time.

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6 flavours, 36 variations

Six entirely unique artisanal and surprising flavours in varying intensities, with or without bubbles.

Why Dripl?

Why customers choose Dripl

Healthier employees

Sugary soft drinks are addictive and provide a short-term boost and then a solid energy dip. Dripl drinks give your employees the better option without sacrificing taste.

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A greener office

No more bottles and cans lying around the office. Less PMD bags, up to 4 times less energy consumption than traditional vending machines and refrigerators, and no more useless CO2 emissions.

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Easy to refill

No one likes to drag cans and bottles around. No one likes to sacrifice precious space on water or soda. No one deliberately chooses the least efficient option. What if 1 flavour box could replace 200 drinks?

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More than 30,000 employees drink Dripl every week.

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"With JBC, we definitely want a plastic-free office. The Dripl Refill Point with refillable flavoured drinks fit perfectly into our sustainable story."

Katrien Vangrunderbeeck

PR & Communication Officer, JBC

"For our new office, we were still looking for a solution that symbolizes our way of working and our identity. Dripl really brings colleagues together."

Amber Vuylsteke

Office & Happiness, TechWolf

"We offered soft drinks, but actually that is not consistent with our vision of health. Dripl does."

Taoufik El Mahmoudi

Talent Manager, IXOR

"Thanks to Dripl in the office, employees drink healthier and our office manager has less work."

Katrien Roziers

HR Lead, The Master Labs


Any questions?

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What is a Dripl Refill Point?

Dripl is a concept that focuses on providing sustainable drinking solutions, in the form of vending machines or dispensers placed in businesses. These dispensers offer a wide range of healthy drinks, including (sparkling) water and are designed to reduce the use of disposable plastic. Dripl's goal is to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional soft drinks in cans or bottles and contribute to corporate sustainability goals.

How much does a Dripl drink dispenser cost?

You rent a Dripl drinks machine for a fixed monthly cost. This fixed cost also includes the technical service (annual maintenance and service in case of technical failure). The cost of the drinks depends on your consumption. For one taste box (160 to 200 drinks) you pay 49 euro. Prefer fizzy drinks? You pay 39 euro per CO2 bottle. So the price per drink depends on your consumption.

How does a Dripl drink dispenser work?

A Dripl drink dispenser works very simply: 1) you choose your drink on a convenient touch screen. 2) You choose your parameters: intense or soft, effervescent or flat 3) you tap the amount you have in mind. Done! Another disposable container saved.

How do you maintain a Dripl drink dispenser?

Maintaining a Dripl drink dispenser is a piece of cake. You can replace flavour boxes very easily by yourself. In addition, the machine indicates at regular intervals that a flush of the pipes is needed (just like a coffee machine). Finally, there is also an included maintenance service. This includes preventive annual maintenance, during which a Dripl technician performs a thorough maintenance and general check-up, as well as a breakdown service in case of any technical problems.

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