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Meet one of the world's least sustainable industries

Photo of cans

Disposable swings the baton

44% of all plastic produced in the world is used for disposable packaging. These are containers that only last one time, sometimes only a few minutes.

Trucks full of water

Did you know that soft drinks mainly consist of over 80% water? It's astonishing to think that thousands of trucks transport mostly water every day, when tap water is readily accessible everywhere. Quite bizzare, isn't it?
sugar cubes

Sugar and unhealthy additives

The majority of soft drinks are still primarily composed of sugar, with an average of 8 sugar cubes in a single can. This is especially concerning considering that over half of the European population struggles with obesity.
Reality check

Soft drink industry, we need to talk

It can also be done differently.  
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What if you could transform every water connection into a mini soft drink factory? A decentralized network avoids unnecessary transportation costs and emissions.

Packing Free

What if you could tap refreshing drinks right into your reusable cup? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Yep, with the emphasis on the first.


Who says a nice refreshing drink has to be unhealthy? No way, José.

And whether it can be done differently

Amber Vuylsteke
"For our new office, we were still looking for a solution that symbolizes our way of working and identity. Dripl really brings colleagues together."

Amber Vuylsteke

Office and happiness, TechWolf

Taoufik El Mahmoudi
"We offered soft drinks, but actually that is not consistent with our vision of health. Dripl does."

Taoufik El Mahmoudi

Talent Manager, IXOR

Katrien Roziers
"Thanks to Dripl in the office, employees drink healthier and our office manager has less work."

Katrien Roziers

HR Lead, The Master Labs

Myrthe Martens
"With JBC, we definitely want a plastic-free office. Dripl's drink dispenser and refillable flavoured drinks fit perfectly into our sustainable story."

Myrthe Martens

Hapiness officer, JBC

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