Refill point

The smartest drink dispenser ever

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Drink More. Waste Less.

the Refill Point

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Less energy, less waste and less useless traffic. In other words: greener than green.

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The healthier choice

No added sugars, low in calories and based on natural ingredients. Refreshment as it should be.

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Easy to refill

Up to 200 drinks in 1 single package? That's refilling drinks in no time.

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6 flavours, 36 variations

Six entirely unique artisanal and surprising flavours in varying intensities, with or without bubbles.

The Software

Technology with impact

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The dream of every Office Manager

Automate your orders
10 minutes for a refill
Save on electricity & CO2
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A price tailored to your consumption

The price per drink depends on the consumption in your organization. The more you tap, the cheaper the price per drink.

Calculate your price

Fixed cost

Rental Refill Point

Technical services

Variable cost

From 0.49 euros per drink

CO2 bottles for effervescence


Reusable Dripl bottles

Activation package

Interesting, but what about the technical connection?

Leave your details here and receive our technical sheet for more information on water connection, drainage, internet and power connection and space requirements.


Any questions?

Don't find the answer to your question here? Let us know.

What provisions are needed to connect a Refill Point?

Our Refill Point is connected to your water connection. For more detailed information, we encourage you to download the technical sheet above.

How can I reorder flavour boxes?

You get a convenient login and can simply order your flavour boxes on our own webshop. These will then be at your office in no time! Connecting them only takes a fraction of your time.

How do I know what impact we are making?

The Refill Point tracks in real time how much single use packaging you've already avoided. You can then tie that back to your sustainability goals.

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